After traveling the world and teaching English for over 8 years Co-Founders, Bianca Tubolino and Joseph Pak, identified two key problems that have been affecting the lives of English learners around the world. The first problem is that there are not enough affordable options for everyone to learn English and the second is that there is not enough communication inside and outside of the classroom. Statistics show that students who practice speaking, learn a language 3xs faster than students who don't. However only 17% of English schools are using enough conversation in the classroom.

Bianca and Joe wanted to help solve these problems and started an Instagram account that gave free daily English lessons. Within months our Instagram page, @JetsetESL, had thousands of followers and students asking for online lessons. One lesson in particular lead to a 3 hour conversation about the need for English teachers in Brazil and an invitation to train teachers from Wizard English school. Within months Jetset ESL was on a plane to Brazil and worked with teachers and students for 1 month. During that trip we knew we wanted to be able to reach as many students as possible and help the schools continue to offer affordable education.

After our trip we came up with the idea of an Online Cultural Immersion. To make sure we had a product that students, teacher and school owners loved we interviewed over 300 people in the English learning field. Because of these interviews we have come up with a product that is a win-win for everyone involved. Students get affordable access to native English teachers, schools can make extra profit and teachers have the ability to work from home.

In just a few months Jetset ESL has won awards, been accepted into XLR8UH and has finished their first round of funding. We also went from a team of two to having an amazing team who are just as dedicated to our mission as we are!

Bianca Tubolino

Bianca Tubolino CEO / Co-Founder

Bianca Tubolino has her New York State teaching certification in Elementary and Special education. She is also certified in TEFL. For the past 8 years Bianca has taught over 700 students from 16 different countries and has been able to teach in Mexico, The Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.

Joseph Pak

Joseph Pak Co-COO / Co-Founder

Joseph Pak is a graduate of the University of Michigan and taught English and test-taking strategies to students in South Korea for two years. His understanding of how the ESL system operates in rural and urban areas and his leadership skills he gained as an Officer in the US Army provides important insight into the future operations and direction of the company.

Louis Tubolino

Louis Tubolino Co-COO

Louis Tubolino has over 35 years of experience working in business and is currently the Vice President of Usherwood. He has a wide range of expertise and helps make sure Jetset ESL providing everyone with excellent service.

Christopher Hanes

Christopher Hanes CTO

Christopher Hanes graduated from the University of Michigan and is a very experienced web and software developer. He has recently done software development for Spectrum Health and has been a software engineer for Thermo Fisher Scientific. He is a great addition to our team and will be managing and developing our online platform.

Maribel Gomez

Maribel Gomez Chief Resource Officer

Maribel Gomez is a 2 time combat veteran with over 6 years experience planning and organizing high level government conferences and events. She has experience working with people from around the world and is an expert in her field.

Doug Grosser

Doug Groesser Educational Advisor

Jennifer Driver

Eric Leander Law Advisor/ Attorney

Peter Rowan

Peter Rowan Financial Advisor

Steve Kiser

Steve Kiser Business Advisor

Luke Tucker

Luke Tucker Technical/Marketing Advisor